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The Science Of Being And The Art Of Living Transcendental Meditation.pdf


The Science of Being and the Art of Living Transcendental Meditation.pdf

Category:Books by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Category:1971 non-fiction books Category:Science booksSubmucosal location of gingival tumors: a clinical and ultrastructural study of 2 cases. Two patients with gingival tumors that were located within the fibrous connective tissue of the alveolar mucosa are described. The first tumor was a relatively small, round, grayish-white, submucosal nodule located along the masticatory margin of the right maxillary gingiva; it was excised together with a surrounding soft tissue fragment in the shape of a teardrop. Histologically, it was shown to be a benign cystic tumor of salivary gland origin, consisting of two spaces--a thin-walled cyst and a lumen--which communicate with each other through a small slitlike opening. In the second tumor, located on the gingiva of the left mandibular incisor, two similar nodular lesions were identified. The first lesion was located submucosally, was firm in consistency and had a grayish color; it was excised along with the alveolar mucosa. Histologically, the tumor had a stellate configuration and was composed of two spaces, one resembling a cyst and the other a lumen, the former communicating with the lumen through a small opening. The lesion did not exhibit the histological features of a true neoplasm, but rather were reminiscent of an exuberant inflammatory reaction. The second nodular lesion was located in the submucosa of the gingiva of the anterior border of the mandible; it was mobile and was difficult to remove along with the alveolar mucosa. This lesion was histologically a true neoplasm composed of cytoplasmic projections and focal basal processes with associated groups of round cells. Electron microscopy confirmed the histological features of the nodules, showing desmosomes and basement membranes. In addition, the lesion was surrounded by basal lamina, which showed irregularly distributed microfibrils. These findings support the view that the gingival lesions were neoplasms of salivary gland origin.Since this is going to be a long post, let me preface it by saying that it isn’t about making fun of liberals and liberals. That said, this is about a core belief in liberalism that I believe makes it the very foundation

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The Science Of Being And The Art Of Living Transcen Ntal Meditation Book Full Version Epub Torrent Zip


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The Science Of Being And The Art Of Living Transcendental Meditation.pdf

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