Fighting through stage4 cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer and a brain tumor in February of this year, which caused me to shut down my Bootcamp business, as I lost all function in my left arm and leg. I had to have help walking, dressing, bathing and eating from February through the end of June. The tumor was removed on April 15th and from there I worked my ass off to regain movement, strength, and balance for me to start walking on my own. The end of July I started to try and get back to exercising, I was frustrated as I couldn’t even squat down and get back up on my own, couldn’t even do 1 push-up, forget even jumping rope. I fought like hell. I figured if I started my classes back up that would help. My clientele came back and I’m starting right back over with them. We have a wonderful accountability group. What ever obstacle that you are facing, let’s face it together!